Congratulations On Your Excellent Credit!

When you have an excellent credit score, steady employment, and favorable debt-to-income ratios, the hard work on your part is already finished! Securing your next home loan is easy with Select Lender. Now is the time to take the first step. Take a short-minute and submit your loan application today!

Home Mortgage Loans for Clients with Excellent Credit Scores


We Have Special Rates For Strong Borrowers

Incentives, perks, and benefits can be found aplenty if the right borrower, possessing the necessary qualifying criteria & meets the preferred standards, is matched with the right home mortgage lender.


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Ready To
Own Your Home?

Taking the next step in your journey towards homeownership often begins by choosing which lender & lending program is best suited for your particular home-buying needs. At Select Lender, we are here to help our valued customers during every phase of homebuying: borrowing, purchasing, acquisition, and ultimately closing on their dream homes.

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Best Way To
Get Started

To know where you’re headed, it’s important to first know where exactly you’re at; and this is especially so when it relates to putting one’s superior credit score/rating to great use through favorable home lending. As such, we here at Select Lender rank among the best in the nation regarding home loans/lending and matching the correct borrower with the best program.

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Get Ready to Celebrate - Mortgage Lender in Salt Lake City Utah


Putting Excellent Credit
To Better Use

With the ever-present challenge of earning favorable credit scores & ratings already being accomplished, we feel it’s high time to reap the rewards of such hard work! Many qualified borrowers with excellent credit ratings/scores are able to enjoy extremely low interest rates for both [new] home purchasing as well as refinancing an existing mortgage rate.

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Get Ready to Celebrate - Mortgage Lender in Salt Lake City Utah


Why Select Lender Is
The Preferred Lender

As a home lending company, we here at Select Lender have wholeheartedly embraced the notion that ‘paying it forward’ can actually directly & positively impact the person who is putting forth such efforts. Moreover, we take pride in helping our customers truly enjoy the fruits of their labors by pairing the most beneficial mortgage with each customer individually.

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Why Own Your Home?

Homeownership is often considered a milestone in life for a variety of reasons for many here in the U.S. so it’s only natural that there are programs, options, and opportunities aplenty to facilitate just that: homeownership. As many will support, owning a home is much more than simply having an allotment of land in which to erect a structure or take up residence. A home is a symbol of not only accomplishment or success but it’s also an emphasis on having a prepared, long-term outlook on our own personal journey(s). Here are a few of the more pressing reasons why it’s in nearly everyone’s best interest to have ownership of their home.

Builds Equity Over Time

One of the main reasons why it’s so important to own a home is the fact that a house or property actually serves as an asset and earns additional value over time. The general cost of a home presently is ever on the rise each day, so it’s absolutely essential to acquire a home sooner as opposed to later.

Inheritance Transfer

Leaving a legacy or some sort of birthright for one’s children is an endeavor that most anyone can appreciate, if not endorse outright. So when a person owns their home, they are actually able to pass that homeownership onto their offspring as a form of an inheritance.

Opens New Avenues

When one is no longer beholden to the restrictions of renting or leasing and actually owns their home, it actually paves the way for new opportunities to arise for many homeowners. This can include enjoying retirement, hobby exploration, or some good old fashioned R & R.

How Select Lender Can Make A Difference

Our goal as a company is to bridge the gap between prospective homebuyers, favorable lending programs, and widespread availability of the two. As a premier home lending company, we’ve had many opportunities to unite our customers with the home of their dreams - one home loan at a time! We understand that each lending situation is unique and not every borrower or lending program is a universal fit for one another. Which is why we’ve adopted a very adaptable approach towards enabling home purchasing through home lending programs; including home loans through the VA, FHA, USDA, or conventional lending means.

Lending Benefits

-- Preferred Loan Terms --
-- Better Interest Rates --
-- Down Payment Flexibility --
-- Often Eliminates P.M.I. --
-- Multi-Program Qualification --

Preferred Programs

-- USDA Home Lending --
-- VA Home Lending --
-- FHA Home Lending --
-- Conventional Lending --
-- Jumbo Home Loans --

Home Acquisition

-- First-time Buyers --
-- Primary Residence --
-- Vacation Housing --
-- Luxury Home --
-- Investment Property --

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