FHA Home Lending

Wanting to purchase a home but lack immediate funds?

Had trouble qualifying in the past for a particular home loan program?

Avoid the hassle, headache, and general hindrances of less-than-ideal lending conditions.

Explore lending options through the FHA - there are amazing opportunities available!

Our mortgage lenders here at Select Lender are specialists in FHA home mortgages, lending, & refinancing!

Home Mortgage Loans for Clients with Excellent Credit Scores


Ready To Purchase Your Home?

Are things finally settled & in line with finances, credit scores, and you’re now ready to purchase that new home of your dreams? You know the one - it may not necessarily be available today or even corporeal outside the confines of your slumberly yearnings but its essence and worthiness of aspiration remain pressing all the same.


Reasons For Buying A Home Through The FHA


Forget Past Experiences - Mortgage Lender in Salt Lake City Utah



Often this may be the starter home where new or budding families often begin to fledge, flower, and ultimately flourish.

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Or where well-established families annually meet and mingle every year for laughs, love, and the occasional locking-of-horns.

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Goals &

Conversely, maybe it’s the home that’s going to kick-start an amazingly lucrative & illustrious real estate career.

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Get Ready to Celebrate - Mortgage Lender in Salt Lake City Utah



In rarer cases of neutrality, finding that certain home could also just be an opportunity that is simply knocking too loudly to ignore.

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Regardless of the cause for interest, incentive, impulse, or general inclination, it can literally pay in droves to choose the right lender & lending program accordingly. Let us help you get the home to help create these moments, cultivate those memories, and eventually cherish the rewards for generations to come.

Choosing The Right FHA Lender Is Crucial

There are several aspects surrounding the discovery, purchase, & transfer of a given residential property or local home and it’s important for homebuyers to be as knowledgeable as possible during this process. Furthermore, as loan options, qualifications, closing costs, & personal mortgage insurance requirements continue to play a crucial role in the process, so do other intangibles that can often be overlooked or underappreciated; especially choosing the preferred lender who can in turn assist with determining the best home lending program available.

Why Select Lender Is Your Best Foot Forward

While each and every home loan program has its merits and respective drawbacks in terms of widespread availability or incentivized lending benefits, there are a few worth mentioning in comparison to FHA home loans versus other home lending options.

We’re committed to our clients in the most fundamental lending ways possible:

  • Potential
  • Empowerment
  • Adaptability
  • Knowledge


Establishing where our clients are at both financially and aspirationally is equally important to us as home lenders because we understand the true importance of matching the best loan program to each homebuyer.


Through our experience as seasoned lending professionals in multiple housing markets, we’ve grown a name for ourselves by not simply applying what we know but through the enlightenment of our respective borrowers.


Seeing as the housing market in general can be considered volatile in even veritably stable economies, it’s essential for homebuyers to team up with a lending firm that can strategically navigate even the most uncertain of circumstances.


Being up-to-date on the latest interest rates, term limits/restrictions, qualification particulars, and borrowing benefits is one of the many innate advantages our clients have over other homebuyers in the present-day housing market.

The Advantages Of Using Select Lender

Being a chosen lending company that is well-versed in the entire application, approval, and acquisition process involving FHA home lending, we’re unwavering in our responsibilities to the entirety of our clientele. Our responsibility of not only justifying our customer’s investment in their [new] homes to the FHA but to more importantly justify their investment in our lending teams here at Select Lender. Each and every reason urging one of our customers to take those necessary next steps are often solely unique to each person; however, they resonate and are complemented by our company’s overall mission all the same.

Through the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) and their lending programs, many Americans are able to acquire a home with very favorable mortgage terms, interest rates, and borrowing benefits. As such, we at Select Lender specialize in FHA home lending and are often touted for going the extra mile on behalf of our clients each and every time. It’s been our calling from the onset of our founding to apply our experience, knowledge, and ingenuity in the most effective ways possible on behalf of our respective customers.

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