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The prospect of purchasing a new home as a first time home buyer, refinancing a currently-undesirable mortgage rate, or expanding one’s holdings to feature a secondary property enviously located right here The Golden State (California) is an aspiration that nearly every person can support. Let us be the bridge that spans the gap between you and your [new] home by exploring what home loan, mortgage, and refinancing options we have available in your particular/preferred California community.

How Does Select Lender Factor In Regarding Home Mortgages in California?

With Select Lender at the forefront in many ways of home mortgages, property lending, and loan refinancing throughout the great state of California, it’s safe to say that there are a wealth of options available to potential borrowers searching for a viable avenue in which to acquire a new home.

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What Options Are Available For Home Mortgages in California?

Considering the fact that no two homebuyers, properties, or circumstances surrounding their ownership are inherently the same, we’ve made it a point to address such diversity regarding homeownership with equal versatility in the form of several home loan and refinancing options. Through the mortgage refinancing & home loan opportunities that we have available to prospective homebuyers in California, such as USDA home loans or FHA home loans, many previously disqualified applicants are emboldened to obtain a loan, purchase a preferred home, and finally enjoy the solace and security permanence offered by homeownership. Moreover, the home loan specialists we have dedicated to key communities in California are often able to not only expedite the application & approval process but are highly-motivated to actively reduce unnecessary expenditure on the parts of our patrons.

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The Importance Of Mortgage Rate Options in California

The mortgage rate that one receives when successfully applying for a home loan is arguably the most pivotal aspect of the entire home buying experience in many regards. Not only does the mortgage rate that a homebuyer in California qualifies for determine exactly how long it takes to satisfy the lending agreement but it also has a very significant impact on the overall cost associated with the home’s purchase as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions


home loan & mortgage phases

I want a home in California;
what home mortgage loan opportunities are open to me?

As fortune would have it, our home mortgage loan specialists in California are well-versed in every home loan offered for public utility; including FHA home loans, USDA home loans, conventional home loans, VA home loans, zero down home loans, and even jumbo home loans. Please contact our home loan specialists here in California if you have any questions regarding home loan options and/or home loan opportunities.

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If I already own a California home,
are there mortgage options available for better rates?

The mortgage brokers we have strategically assigned to the California housing/real estate industry are equally fluent in both home mortgage loans for new property acquisitions as well as home mortgage lending options to refinance a current/existing mortgage. This enables local California homeowners and homebuyers alike to both have ample, yet effective, coverage regarding their particular home mortgage circumstances.

home loan & mortgage questions

Is it true that I am able to
purchase a home in California with little-to-no money down?

While the long answer involves explaining the differences/merits of home loan options such as VA home loans, FHA home loans, or jumbo (conventional) home loans, it can be put in a nutshell: absolutely! Through many of the aforementioned home loan options (FHA, VA, conventional, jumbo, etc) available right here in California, many would-be homebuyers are able to finally realize their dream of owning a home that is truly their own with no upfront fees.

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Our team of mortgage professionals are licensed in multiple cities, counties, and local California communities in order to give all homebuyers the best mortgage rates and home buying experience as possible.



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