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With Florida quickly becoming one of the hotbeds for residential real estate, home purchasing/buying, and favorable refinancing options for local housing, it can pay in spades to have an experienced mortgage broker on hand to facilitate any property acquisition or home loan refinancing. As such, our home loan mortgage experts here at Select Lender are well-versed in all aspects of home buying, loan refinancing, and property acquisition in Florida. Moreover, we take the time to explore what specific home loan or mortgage is best suited for each of our clients on an individualized level to ensure that the home, the loan, and the overall homebuying experience is as rewarding as it is effective.

What Role Does Select Lender Play Regarding Home Loans & Mortgages in Florida?

As has been alluded to before, Florida is rapidly growing to be one of the most highly coveted states in the USA from which to purchase residential property; be it a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor. In light of that, we’ve expanded our mortgage & home loan workforce in Florida to accommodate such a growing demand of experienced loan/mortgage specialists with familiarity in the local housing market(s).

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Home Mortgages & Refinancing For Florida Homes

For first time homebuyers, current homeowners seeking a better mortgage rate, or those that are interested in considering options of a secondary home or investment property in Florida, it’s always recommended to approach each mortgage acquisition or loan refinancing from a position of knowledge, familiarity, and experience. Not every homebuyer or local Florida homeowner flirting with the prospect of refinancing their current mortgage loan is intimately aware of the marked differences between the many home loan types that are available (USDA, FHA, VA, conventional, jumbo, etc) to them. Due to this, we’ve made it one of our company-wide missions here at Select Lender to serve as the bridge that spans the gap between local homebuyers/homeowners seeking favorable rates to complement their [new] home and the actual reality that they can and will obtain them.

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Why The Mortgage Rate Is So Important For Your Florida Home

Obtaining a favorable mortgage rate, either through the acquisition of a new home or by refinancing an existing, suboptimal mortgage, is an endeavor that nearly every homebuyer or homeowner in Florida can appreciate. Furthermore, having a home loan or mortgage in Florida that features low interest rates or minimal down payment requirements allows the homeowner/buyer reinvest that capital back into the actual; either through updates, renovations, or property additions.

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I’m interested in a home in Florida -
what home mortgage loan options are available to me?

Luckily for many homebuyers and would-be homeowners in Florida alike, there are several home loan and mortgage options available to prospective property purchasers; including FHA home loan mortgages, VA home loan mortgages, USDA home loan mortgages, as well as conventional and/or jumbo home loan mortgages. Nearly every home loan/mortgage option is applicable towards the purchase of a given property in Florida, however, there are certain benefits and advantages to each home mortgage loan that needs to be weighed, considered, and ultimately chosen accordingly.

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Unhappy with loan rates on your Florida home?
Explore refinancing options with Select Lender!

As with nearly every mortgage option that is available towards the acquisition of a new home, there are similar opportunities for homeowners that have an active mortgage but are seeking better terms, rates, or overall financial commitment towards the home loan. Whether it’s a local Florida homeowner refinancing their home mortgage loan via USDA or FHA lending or if a conventional/jumbo loan that is deemed preferable, our mortgage specialists are available to assist with the refinancing process in every facet.

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I’ve never purchased a home in Florida before -
what is the best course of action to begin with?

Deciding to purchase a home in The Sunshine State can be an equally challenging as exciting prospect for many first time home buyers seeking a home in Florida. Which is why we’ve made such tremendous overtures in the local home lending industry; our intention is to ensure that potential homebuyers here in Florida receive their preferred loan, mortgage rates, and lending terms as quickly and as streamlined as possible. Please see our home buyer’s guide for more in-depth information regarding the purchasing & lending process of a [new] home.

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Our team of mortgage professionals are licensed in multiple cities, counties, and local Florida communities in order to give all homebuyers the best mortgage rates and home buying experience as possible.



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