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In response to local residents seeking a reliable, yet effective, home mortgage lending firm with wide-ranging home mortgage loan experience in various programs or opportunities, we’ve broadened our home lending & refinancing coverage to include all South Carolina cities, towns, counties, and communities. We’ve been well-acquainted with the many home mortgage lending & refinancing programs that are applicable to local South Carolina residential properties ever since they’ve been open to the public and we willingly offer that marked level of expertise to any and all in need. Our home mortgage lending coverage in South Carolina includes both private lending options offered via jumbo home mortgage loans & conventional borrowing as well as government-supported home mortgage programs consisting of FHA home mortgage loans, VA home mortgage loans, and USDA home mortgage loans.

What Role Does Select Lender Play In The Home Mortgage Lending Industry in South Carolina?

We’ve embraced an all-inclusive approach towards our various home mortgage lending & refinancing options and always endeavor to provide our clients with ample coverage, unmatched savings, and peace of mind when pursuing the purchase of a new home or the refinancing of an active home mortgage loan.


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Home Mortgage Loans & Refinancing in South Carolina

With the ever-evolving industry that surrounds home mortgage lending, home loan refinancing, and general home acquisition being as dynamic as any time in history here in South Carolina, it can be extremely beneficial for local residents to approach the entire prospect of home buying or home loan refinancing under the guidance of an experienced home mortgage lender. As such, we’ve made quite the name for ourselves in the local housing market in South Carolina through our diligence when mediating the process surrounding the approval of a home mortgage loan; regardless of what avenue of home mortgage lending is being pursued. For instance, the local residential mortgage market is teeming with home mortgage loan programs that cater to most any type of home buyer that is seeking the purchase or refinance of a local home in South Carolina. USDA home mortgage loans, FHA home mortgage loans, VA home mortgage loans, or jumbo/conventional home mortgage loans notwithstanding; the chances of obtaining a home mortgage loan in South Carolina that is favorable with affordability & accommodation are quite plentiful, all things considered. To that effect, feel free to reach out to our on-staff home mortgage loan specialists at Select Lender if you have any additional questions regarding home mortgage lending options or if you are interested in exploring refinancing opportunities for an existing home mortgage loan in South Carolina.

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How Home Mortgage Rates Are Determinded By Home Mortgage Loan Type

Depending on the home mortgage loan option chosen or approved for, it can be challenging to obtain the most ideal home mortgage rates for certain borrowers or those seeking refinancing for an active home mortgage loan. This is largely why we take the time to explore all home mortgage lending programs available to local residents in South Carolina that are interested in purchasing a [new] home or refinancing their subpar mortgage rate.

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I already own residential property but want a vacation/investment home in South Carolina -
are there mortgage programs that can facilitate this?

To put it succinctly; yes, there are a plethora of home mortgage loan purchasing options available to homeowners with a primary residence that are actually seeking a secondary, investment, or vacation property in South Carolina; including mortgage opportunities through the VA, USDA, FHA, or even conventional home mortgage lending programs and jumbo home mortgage loans.

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I’m interested in buying a home in South Carolina but lack experience in the home lending process -
what are my options?

Luckily for many prospective and successful homebuyers alike in South Carolina, our home mortgage loan experts here at Select Lender are well-versed in all aspects of home mortgage lending; including the many home mortgage lending programs that are available through the government (USDA, FHA, & VA mortgages) and by privatized lending programs (jumbo loans & conventional lending).

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If I already have a home mortgage loan here in South Carolina but want to refinance for a better rate -
what options are available to me?

Accounting that the home mortgage lending industry in South Carolina is constantly evolving and fluctuates in regards to loan terms, interest rates, and payment amounts towards the balance of a particular home mortgage, it’s only natural (and undeniably prudent) that the refinancing aspect of the home lending/refinancing sector would diversify in order to follow closely in suit.

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Our team of mortgage professionals are licensed in multiple cities, counties, and local South Carolina communities in order to give all homebuyers the best mortgage rates and home buying experience as possible.



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