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Taking into account that The Lonestar State (Texas) is experiencing a tremendous surge in transplants, migration, and a rapidly burgeoning housing market, it can be challenging for those who are unfamiliar with the home buying process to obtain a home mortgage loan at all; let alone one that offers favorable interest rates, minimal introductory fees, or ideal lending terms. This is often why it’s most beneficial for prospective homebuyers to enlist the expertise of a local home mortgage lending firm here in Texas - like us here at Select Lender! Our knowledgeable home mortgage brokers are fluent in all home mortgage loan types, programs, and options for local Texas borrowers; including coverage for FHA home mortgage loans, VA home mortgage loans, USDA home mortgage loans, and jumbo/conventional home mortgage loans.

Where Select Lender Makes A Difference In The Texas Home Mortgage Lending Industry

With decades of home mortgage lending experience and a genuine desire to ensure any prospective home buyers or those interested in refinancing an active home mortgage loan have a reliable resource here locally in Texas, we hope consistently to bridge the gap between home lending/borrowing and homeownership.


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The Importance Of Experience When Exploring Home Mortgage Loans

As with any endeavor that involves volumes of paperwork, mediation, applications, and approvals, it’s almost always in the best interest of a homeowner seeking to refinance a home mortgage loan or a potential home buyer to acquire a home mortgage loan under the tutelage of someone well-acquainted with the entire enterprise. In order to successfully refinance an existing home mortgage or obtain a home mortgage loan that allows the purchase of a residential property here in Texas, an applicant is recommended to explore all home mortgage loan programs available and choose one accordingly. It’s important to consider and weigh each home mortgage loan option individually to not only determine qualification potential but also to establish which home mortgage loan program is actually the most beneficial; both fiscally/financially as well as reasonable expeditation. Many prospective homebuyers and would-be home mortgage loan refinance recipients alike are able to take full-advantage of the lending potential afforded through private lending (conventional home mortgage loans & jumbo home mortgage loans) as well as home mortgage loan programs that are bolstered by the United States government (FHA home mortgage loans, VA home mortgage loans, & USDA home mortgage loans). If you are wanting to learn more about how home mortgage lending and home mortgage refinancing works here in Texas with Select Lender at the helm of the venture, please feel free to contact our experienced mortgage lenders at your soonest leisure!

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Home Mortgage Loans Are Varied By Rates & Terms in Texas

By and large, a home mortgage loan can vary in many different ways; including the home loan’s term conditions, interest rate(s), initial payment requirements, and overall loan amount. Moreover, the interest that is associated with many home mortgage loans used in the purchase of Texas residential property can vary in terms of fixed or adjustable rates as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions


home loan & mortgage phases

What home mortgage loan options or lending programs
are available to first time home buyers in Texas?

As a means to afford many first time home buyers the opportunity to purchase a [new] home here in Texas, there are a number of home mortgage loans available; including those supported by the U.S. government as well as those offered through privatized lending institutions.

home loan & mortgage closing costs

Are there home mortgage loan opportunities in place
to refinance an existing home mortgage loan in Texas?

Similar to the wealth of home mortgage loan options available to first time home buyers here in Texas, there are many such opportunities in place to facilitate the favorable refinancing of an existing home mortgage loan on behalf of local homeowners and residential investors.

home loan & mortgage questions

Can any of the home mortgage loan programs in Texas
be used to purchase a second home or investment property?

Not only can several of the home mortgage loan programs in Texas be used to acquire a primary residence or refinance an active home mortgage loan but there are several options available through the same channels to purchase an investment property or secondary home.

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Our team of mortgage professionals are licensed in multiple cities, counties, and local Texas communities in order to give all homebuyers the best mortgage rates and home buying experience as possible.



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