Jumbo (Luxury) Loans

Do not wait, hesitate, or procrastinate if you’re interested in purchasing a luxury home in this current housing market!

Considering how competitive the current real estate industry is right now, it’s absolutely essential to not only find the right home or even the preferred lending program but to actually do so in a timely manner as well.

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Jumbo Lending Offers Homes of Luxury

As the saying goes: “Sometimes bigger is actually better!” - and there are precious few times that this is more justified than when applying it to home loans, lending, and the eventual purchase of a luxury home. Picture this: an expansive estate, resplendent with sprawling, grass-laden hills, a breathtaking landscaping layout, and a meandering approach that is more reminiscent of a 5-star resort entryway in some exotic locality as opposed to privately-owned property. Now envision the interior of that same luxury home: vaulted ceilings that rise so high as to appear to have their own celestial patterns, a kitchen as voluminous as the Vatican, bathrooms that feature waterfalls & lagoons instead of showers & bathtubs, closet space that would make the Coliseum feel stifling, and more bedrooms than Polly Pocket’s mansion! Granted not every luxury home or large-scale property is going to be equipped with the bells and whistles to that degree, however, there is something to be said for 'shooting for the stars, missing, but still landing on the moon' in regards to home buying motivations. (This is especially so for higher-end, luxury properties.)

Let's take the time to explore some of those benefits, advantages, and opportunities that jumbo loans can offer homebuyers nationwide.


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Hard Work
Pays Off

Sometimes having forethought and longevity-driven orientation in life can manifest positively in ways that were not readily apparent from the onset. Graduating college, establishing a business, or even being able to qualify for a jumbo loan in which to finally purchase the dream home that has been dominating one’s dreams for as long as can be remembered.

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Reaping The

Taking full advantage of that aforementioned hard work can often best be realized through exploring what options are open regarding luxury home purchase. To the delight of many, our seasoned home lenders here at Select Lender actually specialize in applying, processing, expediting, and ultimately qualifying jumbo home loans on behalf of our borrowers.

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Life of

Enjoying the fruits of one’s labor, positively impactful decisions, and general wherewithal regarding futuristic loan potential is more than worth the efforts needed to achieve such largesse later in life. We here at Select Lender are well-versed in the many benefits of jumbo loans that we hope to impart & equip our qualified clients with.

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(In order to protect not only the outfit lending the money to purchase the home but also the borrower as well, an appraisal of the property being purchased is often deemed mandatory.)

How Select Lender Factors Into Jumbo Lending In Particular

As has been our company-wide mission from the moment of our inception, we hope to unerringly match the correct buyer/borrower with not only the home of their dreams but also with the correct lending program to manifest such aspirations. Having said that, we’ve discovered that the only aspect of lending that is more diverse than the properties being coveted for purchase is the borrowers themselves who are seeking ownership of said properties. That often translates into many buyers fitting into equitable demographics or buying potential but every one of our clients has the same goal at the end of the venture: striving for, and later thriving in, the home of their dreams. While we do offer lending coverage for nearly every lending program available in the United States, including FHA loans, USDA loans, VA loans, & conventional loans, we do in fact have marked expertise with jumbo home loans as well.

Experience Equals Efficacy

Considering many of us are actually homeowners ourselves here at Select Lender, we completely understand and wholeheartedly embrace the importance of expediting the jumbo home loans of our valued clients both efficiently and expertly.

Ingenuity Equals Innovation

Our goal as home lenders is not to simply mediate the financial aspect of a home acquisition by managing a client’s jumbo but to ensure that our respective patrons save as much time, money, and peace of mind throughout the entire home-buying experience.

Professionalism Equals Proficiency

As has been stated before, no two properties, clients, or jumbo loans are inherently the same in terms of size, purchasing ambition, or qualifications, it’s essential to have a home lending company at the helm of the venture to ensure the most favorable results for all parties involved.

Things To Factor In Regarding Jumbo Loans

Another aspect to consider regarding home lending/borrowing is the fact that any home loans that exceed the local county loan limits will ultimately be considered a jumbo loan; regardless of other particulars detailing the approval or acquisition of the home loan in question. Furthermore, due to the innate risk naturally associated with loan amounts in excess of county loan limits or those set by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, there are often more stringent qualifications that determine jumbo loan eligibility. As a result, potential homebuyers and would-be borrowers seeking financing through a jumbo loan will be subject to higher standards when applying for said home loan. These higher standards for jumbo home loan approval can often entail the applicant needing a higher credit score/rating, an established means of income, robust savings & capital, and a favorable ratio of debt-to-income.

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