Congratulations, you’ve made it into the next big step of homeownership, buying a house in Roy, Utah. Sure, it sounds simple, but you should do your best to look 5-steps ahead with any life-changing decision.

When it comes to buying a home in Roy, here’s a solid piece of advice. Take a moment and consider what home buying dreams are possible versus which ones aren’t. Maybe consider making a list of your “can’t live without” necessities.

Whether you are already consulting with a professional mortgage broker, or have no idea where to start, it pays to start nailing down a realistic idea of your next home buying endeavor.

So now that you’re looking into home-ownership, here are the top five things to consider when buying a house in Roy, Utah.

Buy or Refinance a home in Roy UT

Buy or Refinance a home in Roy UT

  1. Find the best mortgage loan then begin looking for houses in your price range

    First things first, pin down exactly how much you can afford by securing a mortgage loan. Based on your credit history, debt-to-income ratio, and what kind of loan suits you best, Select Lender can help you calculate exactly how much you can afford when buying your next house.

    Get approved first. Once you have a rough idea of your monthly mortgage payment, you can start to consider your monthly budget, commuting expenses, local cost of living, as well as anything else essential to your needs. With an estimated budget, finding a neighborhood that suits your needs will be simpler and more streamlined.

    Let’s face it, house shopping is fun and exciting, especially after you’ve been approved with your home mortgage loan. Your loan approval amount will undoubtedly factor into what you can buy. So now you’ve got your mortgage loan, it’s time to open up the laptop and start looking for houses in Roy, Utah!

  2. Consider your long-term goals when choosing the perfect neighborhood

    Important questions should come to mind when purchasing a home in Roy. Do you plan to grow your family? Whether you are interested in raising children in your new home or need extra bedrooms for your in-laws down the road, you will have to consider just how many bedrooms your next house needs. With the average home buyer spending more than 10 years before selling, buying a house with adequate space for your needs and family will ultimately help you find happiness in your home purchase.

    Personal Goals
    Self-improvement goals are essential to incorporate, especially when choosing the perfect house for you. The best-case scenario is when your new home makes it easier to be the best you.

    Hobbies and Interests
    Take this into account, maybe you have a real talent for baking and you’d love to expand your passion in your very own kitchen. By purchasing a home with the right kitchen, you will excel in your interests. In addition to feeling more comfortable and happy with everyday living.

    The same would be true if you love to eat out or try new food interests in town. Choose a neighborhood within proximity to exciting nightlife and local activities.

    Buying a home for the right reasons will always help you feel more connected and secure to that specific house, and nothing is better than loving where you live.


  4. Make your “Can’t Live Without” list and stick to it

    Find the best mortgage loan then begin looking for houses in your price range
    Next to securing the perfect loan to buy a house in Roy, writing down your “must-haves” should be high on all home buyer’s lists of things to do.

    Space for Events
    Need a house in Roy with plenty of outdoor space? Outdoor space is often on the top of most homebuyer’s essential needs. Outdoor space is great for birthday parties, special events, gatherings, or maybe you have a home business idea you’ve always needed the space to start.

    No matter what you’ve heard, there is such a thing as “too far” when it comes to commuting to work, doctor’s offices, school, or any essential travel on your daily schedule. The best way is to add up the travel time from your prospective house to your various destinations and pin down the perfect neighborhood in Roy, for your next home purchase.

    Education and Local Schools
    Every parent dreams that their children can receive a respectable education. Parents want schools that instill strong values, teach work ethic, accountability, and build moral foundations for their children. Roy, and Utah in particular provide many educational choices from public to private schools, as well as college options. With students in the house, proximity to a good school in Roy should be high on your “Can’t Live Without” list.

    Amount of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
    When buying a home in Roy, Utah, be sure to decide as to the ideal amount of rooms and bathrooms that you need. If you are seeking a single-family home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but you like to host parties and have guests over, you might consider looking for two bedrooms three baths, or two ½ baths. If you have lots of family or need lots of space, multi-family homes in Roy often come with many more rooms that can also be used as a home office or hobby spaces.

    Be sure everyone has their own idea of what they just can’t live without. So make sure you take a moment to think about what is most important to you.

  5. Don’t stress on the little stuff
    Imagine you’ve finally found the perfect house in Roy. Not far from the local grocery store, has your favorite coffee shop and entertainment just around the corner. Plenty of space in the yard, and the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms. But you just can’t stop looking at the big bright pink door. Or maybe the pool pump needs to be repaired. Remember, not all fixer-upper work is outrageously expensive, and a lot of things can be improved relatively easily. If you don’t stress on the small cosmetic problems, you just might end up with your Roy dream house.

  6. Find out what amenities and resources are available near your neighborhood
    We’re not just talking about your neighborhood gas station, but is your new house in Roy near your work? Is it within close distance to popular stores, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores? If you travel often, how far is the commute to your airport? When choosing the best neighborhood in Roy to buy your next home, make sure to look at what’s essential for you.

    Whether you want a nearby hiking trail for a daily walk with the dog, or a park to take the family for picnics, investigating what’s around your neighborhood is definitely one of the top five things to consider when buying a house in Roy, Utah.


Buy or Refinance a home in Roy UT

Buy or Refinance a home in Roy UT

Hottest Neighborhoods in Roy, Utah.
Homebuyers looking to buy houses in Roy, Utah, will often search for homes in popular neighborhoods and surrounding cities like Ogden, Riverdale, South Ogden, West Haven, Hooper, Clinton, West Point, Clearfield, Syracuse, South Weber, Layton, Kaysville, Fruit Heights, Taylor, Marriott-Slaterville, West Weber, Reese, Warren, Plain City, Farr West, Harrisville, North Ogden, Wildwood, Huntsville, Eden, Nordic Valley, and Pleasant View.

Popular Zip Codes in Roy, Utah.
Some of the hottest zip codes and most popular neighborhoods in Roy to buy a home in are located in zip codes like 84067, 84401, 84015, and 84403.

Types of Homes Available in Roy, Utah
Homes in Roy, Utah that are available for purchase include multi-family homes, single-family homes, condominiums, and townhouses.

Finding the Best Mortgage Lender in Roy, Utah.
The first step in buying a home is to secure your mortgage loan. Select Lender is a full-service mortgage lender and mortgage broker. Select Lender provides home purchase loans and home refinancing loans to homebuyers and homeowners all over the state of Utah.

Choose the perfect loan with Select Lender and take the first steps to buy a house in Roy, today.



Best Home Mortgage Loans Available in Roy, Utah

FHA Home Loans
With a credit score of 500 and higher, in addition to a debt-to-income ratio on the lower half of 50%, you can usually get approved for a first-time home buyer's loan through Select Lender. Depending on your credit, you may end up paying as much as 10% down or as little as 3.5% down when buying a home in Roy, Utah.

Conventional Home Loans
Qualifying for a conventional home mortgage in Utah will usually require a credit score of 620 or higher with a debt-to-income ratio of 50% or lower. Private mortgage insurance is often a requirement for conventional home loans in Roy, Utah as well. Select Lender can help qualify you for a conventional loan with one easy click.

USDA Home Loans
If you have been looking into USDA home loans for buying a house in Roy, Utah, Select Lender is available to get you started. USDA loans come with no down payment, typically have better interest rates, and can be easier to qualify. USDA loans are backed by the government, helping your likelihood of getting the loan you need.

VA Home Loans
Another no-money-down option is a VA home loan through Select Lender. When it comes to getting approved, you should expect to show your COE, or Certificate of Eligibility, and have a credit score between 580 and 620 for the best chance to qualify. Government-backed VA home loans are typically available for veterans in Roy, Utah.

Jumbo Home Loans
Another home mortgage loan option available through Select Lender is a Jumbo loan. To get approved for a Jumbo loan in Utah, you will need to have documentation of all income and assets needed to qualify. The debt-to-income ratio will need to be 50% or less, similar to conventional loan options with a credit score higher than 680.

Zero-Down Home Loans
There are several no-money-down or zero-down mortgage loans available to use when buying a house in Roy, Utah. VA loans and USDA loans are among the most common. Select Lender knows the requirements and with one simple inquiry, can help you shop for the perfect loan that suits your needs.



Best Home Refinance Loans Available in Roy, Utah

Conventional Home Refinance Loans
Are you looking to change your current mortgage terms with a home refinance in Roy, Utah? Select Lender can help you reduce your monthly mortgage expenses, and possibly save you thousands of dollars during the payoff process of your home. Conventional home refinancing is usually a smart move, especially if your credit score has been improving.

FHA Home Refinance Loans
Refinancing your FHA loan through Select Lender into a conventional loan, with 20% home equity or more, can usually rid you of the need for mortgage insurance. You’ll also want to show a solid mortgage payment history, but you can save money and enter into a much better home mortgage, especially if you have not been late on payments.

USDA Home Refinance Loans
Similar to most scenarios, when refinancing your home in Roy, Utah, you will have the opportunity to lower your monthly rate as well as your monthly mortgage payment. Select Lender can help investigate refinancing options with you. As long as your mortgage payments are current and your credit score isn’t terrible, you should be able to refinance.

VA Home Refinance Loans
Whether you are looking for a VA cash-out refinance loan, or to make changes to your monthly rate on your Roy home, Select Lender has the lending power and experience to find the perfect refinance solution for you. Your home does need to be your primary residence, but you may be able to finance up to 100% of the appraised value of the house.

Jumbo Refinance Loans
A good reason to refinance your Jumbo loan is to take advantage of your built-up home equity with a cash-out refinance. Another option is to use Select Lender to compare the rates on another Jumbo loan. If you can improve your rate, you can save money each month by refinancing your Jumbo home loan in Roy, Utah.

Zero-Down Refinance Loans
In most scenarios, you won’t need to put money down to refinance your mortgage in Roy, Utah. With Select Lender, we will typically use your loan-to-value ratio and your credit score to qualify you for your refinance, not a down payment. Refinancing your mortgage can lower interest rates, shorten your loan term, and save you money in the long run.


Buy or Refinance a home in Roy UT

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