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Attention all former military - active enlistment - or those brave men & women bolstering our reserves; your dedicated service is commendable, noticed, and above all else: appreciated.

As a company, we endorse and wholeheartedly support our troops - both currently active and those servicemen/women who are deservingly retired.

For those that give more than anyone can rightfully ask in service of our beloved country, we here at Select Lender feel it’s absolutely essential to pay that service back in any way possible that we can.

Interested in learning more about VA home loans and how we try to return the service to our vaunted military? Contact us directly!

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We Believe In Paying It Forward For Our Veterans

We honestly consider it a new milestone each time we are able to help facilitate the acquisition of a new home for our esteemed military veterans. This is absolutely imperative to us because we truly appreciate the service that our dedicated armed forces commit themselves towards day in & day out.


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Owning A Home
Worth Returning To

For those that have served our country and earned the right to be called a United States Veteran, we at Select Lender harbor an eternal sense of gratitude for their previous & continued sacrifice(s). Moreover, we aim to return the favor to our veterans with what so many desire when afield: a home of their own. We’re able to accomplish this in a variety of ways:

  • Expedite VA Loan Application(s)
  • Educate Clients on Viable Lending Options
  • Ensure All Parties Involved Contribute
  • Enable Vets To Buy Their Dream Home!

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Our Company’s Goal
Remains Unanimous

The mission here at Select Lender is not only universally endorsed & adopted but also remains paramount as well: ensuring our veteran loan applicants are well-accommodated during the entire VA lending process. Here are a few of the company-wide goals that our lenders tirelessly aim to achieve on behalf of each and every one of our VA loan applicants:

  • Streamlined Qualifications
  • Desired Borrowing Limit
  • Favorable Mortgage Terms
  • Lowest of Interest Rates

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What Veterans Can Expect
With VA Home Loans

As it stands, the VA (Veterans Affairs) offers home loans for qualified applicants; including currently active military, retired servicemen, and spouses of deceased veterans. With proper guidance, such as offered at Select Lender, many veterans who are qualified for the VA home loan program are able to rapidly navigate the various aspects involved with VA home lending.

  • Selective Property Choices
  • Market-Low Interest Rates
  • Preferred Mortgage Terms
  • Both Fixed & Adjustable Rate Options

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Service Paid Is Service Earned!

We here at Select Lender have a special appreciation for our United States Armed Forces, including active, retired, and relative servicemembers. Furthermore, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the service our great veterans and their families display day in & day out. While we do take the needs of all of our clients very seriously and endeavor to provide the same stellar service we were founded on, we do emphatically embrace an “extra mile” approach when it comes to managing, approving, and offering the VA home loans of our respected veterans.

Risk Versus Reward

In regards to obtaining a VA home loan, the entire process, by design, is supposed to be streamlined with minimal impediments for qualified applicants. Moreover, due to the direct backing of the US Government, the venture has the added benefit of favoring both the lender and the borrower in terms of qualification reduction, risk management & assessment, as well as lower rates being coupled with favorable loan terms. When that is factored into the equation of risk versus reward, it’s easy to see why VA loans, (especially when compared to their FHA, USDA, or conventional counterparts), are the preferred home loan program of many veterans & lenders alike. Not solely the many lending firms across the country that assist with home acquisition for veterans but more importantly the many brave soldiers and their respective families themselves that served the US as well.

How Select Lender Can Help With VA Lending

Firstly, before we even begin to tout our own merits or proverbially ‘beep our own horns’ regarding VA home lend, it’s crucial to understand exactly what a VA home loan is and how it’s effectively applicable to the right borrower.

A Brief History: Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loans

In deference to the brave servicemen who fought so valiantly in the second World War, the United States government implemented legislation that was proposed to bolster the housing market while being targeted at returning veterans. In efforts to facilitate ready and available home loans for prospective homeownership involving our United States military, the Veterans Affairs was tasked with providing subsidization, incentives, and active support in the form of VA home loans. This generously compensates U.S. military veterans with a wealth of benefits; including favorable loan terms, lower interest rates, reduced qualifications (credit, income, capital, etc), and are inherently less of a hassle to refinance than other home loan counterparts (USDA Loans, FHA Loans, Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans).

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